There was a time, aircraft mechanics were the unsung heroes of the aviation industry. They worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that every flight was safe and successful, yet their hard work often went unnoticed. That’s when a group of passionate and dedicated aircraft mechanics came together to create Aircraft Engineer Info, an organization dedicated to giving these unsung heroes the recognition they deserve.

Aircraft Engineer Info began as a resource for mechanics during the transition period from ICAO type 2 license to EASA part 66. But with the dedication of its team members, the organization has grown to become the leading provider of services for aircraft mechanics worldwide. We offer consultation services to help establish Aircraft Line Maintenance Organizations, preparing them with documentation such as engineering manuals and Maintenance Organization Exposition.

Aircraft Engineer Info is also the only organization in the world that speaks out on the working conditions and pay of aircraft mechanics. We believe in setting recognized standards for the industry, covering working facilities, contracts, recruitment processes, working hours, and compensation. Aircraft engineer info believe in equal opportunities based on a candidate’s ability, rather than the widely practiced culture in the aviation industry’s human resource environment.

At Aircraft Engineer Info, we believe that aircraft mechanics are the technically responsible heroes behind every successful flight. We strive to give these heroes the recognition they deserve and are committed to creating a better future for them. we are the voice of the unsung heroes, and our tagline says it all: “Technically the HERO”.


To improve the standards of aircraft maintenance professionals by providing comprehensive digital resources and educational opportunities, thereby enhancing the safety and efficiency of the aviation industry.


Our vision is to become the leading digital platform for aircraft maintenance professionals by providing access to innovative tools, training, and knowledge resources, enabling them to excel in their profession and meet the demands of the aviation industry.

Our Services

Aircraft Engineering training and Coaching

  1. Basic aircraft maintenance training (EASA Part 66)
  2. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering type training
  3. General Familiarization of the Aircraft
  4. Aircraft Engineering continuation training
  5. Safety training
  6. Quality and compliance training
  7. Aircraft maintenance Post holder training
  8. Software/Systems training
  9. Aviation legislation Training
  10. Stores inspection training

Aviation Personal Recruitment

  1. Certifying Aircraft Engineers/Technicians/Mechanics ( CAT A B & C)
  2. Non certifying Aircraft Mechanics
  3. Quality and compliance personals
  4. Safety personals
  5. Training instructors
  6. Post holders
  7. Aircraft Maintenance Planners
  8. Stores and logistic Personals
  9. Airworthiness inspectors
  10. MCC Engineers

Aircraft Engineering Consultation

  1. Aircraft Line Maintenance Set up
  2. Recommendation of Tools and Equipment
  3. Maintenance Organization Exposition
  4. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Procedure
  5. Quality/compliance System establishment
  6. Documentation of Forms and tags
  7. Establishment of procedures and manuals
  8. Training materials

Compliance Audit

  1. Independent Audit

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