Aircraft engineering training in austria

Austrian Training
Vienna – Airport
+43 5 1766 68393
+43 676 854 68393

Offers type training courses. EASA Approved.


Aircraft engineering training in Antigua & Barbuda

As for the information online only Antigua State College (ASC) offers basic aircraft Maintenance engineering course which is approved by eastern caribbean Civil Engineering Authority. Students After completing a three years program will be eligible to obtain a License without type rating.

Antigua State College (ASC)

Crack Inspection on Turbine baldes

question: Explain crack inspection on Turbine blades

Visually inspect for stress rupture cracks on turbine blades leading and trailing edges.
check for minute hairline cracks at right angles to the blade length.

Check for turbine blade creep.

Check for nipping of the trailing edge.

check for pitting, metal deposits, erosion and heat damage.

check signs of gas leaks across shroud indicted by streaks.